Finally escAping the rat race…

Daniel Smith
3 min readJul 14, 2022



When it comes to Internet Marketing, I have tried this in the past and believe me…

I tried everything, my solely goal was to make money online and lasted From 2010 until 2013 however I quit in 2013 not achieving my goal just some measly commissions, why?

Basically I was learning and not guided, I was like a chicken without a head running all over not knowing what to do, what to expect and without any experience, in fact I thought I knew it all when it came to Internet Marketing, realistically I knew nothing!

What happened is that after three years non-stop trying everything on my own-all the time on the computer especially after work, eventually drained me out completely, I was so burned out that when I quit in 2013 after trying everything I could, I decided I did not want to see a computer again for a long time.

That said and done!

My mistake back then was going Solo with zero to no experience at all, spending lots of money and time on products after products which eventually took me nowhere, and which burnt me out completely…

Not even during Covid I felt the need of relying on the computer for anything, just did not feel I was prepared for it yet, but a friend once said if you really want to succeed, it won’t happen until you do something about it…

After a few years without the sight of any computers and clearing my head completely in 2021 I got back to the computer and decided to invest a little on Crypto, not my thing really, not very enjoyable but again trying to achieve success and escaping from the rat race of every day life, yep eventually quitting your regular dull boring low paid 9–5 job.

One morning I started reading about the Drip Token two days later I got the computer and invested in the token enough to keep me happy in days to come, a month later I joined two Marketing platforms belonging to two different Top Marketers to learn everything about Internet Marketing especially affiliate Marketing, these two programs are special and both differ however I have learnt lots of different ideas in which I have put into practice and managed to get some serious commissions, I have invested a little in these two programs but well worth it…. Perhaps you too can learn from them some strategies to finally earn online!

If you really want something, it won’t come to you knocking on the door…

A little investment from your part is obviously needed, in the information platform and resources which will help you gain success, in these two programs you have Two Top Marketers as the likes of Trevor Carr and Glynn Kosky they both Literally guide you by the hand to Success, all needed is you to put your input, and it comes depending on your desire to succeed.

Let me now give you the links to these two programs and remember it is you and only you who has to balance what you really want in life, you want to carry on with your dull, boring 9–5 job or “escape the rat race” and live your own life, your call-you decide!

Two Programs are:

by Trevor Carr

by Glynn Kosky

And you can find these two on my Website: here!

hope you enjoy them and to your Success!

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