Investing in Crypto Membership Programs?

With all the buzz around Crypto currency, more and more companies have emerged to provide decentralized financial (“DeFi”) infrastructures for all digital currency users. Today, we’re going to talk about two such companies, HyperFund and DRIP Network, that have created membership programs with rewards toward this type of investment. While they’re similar in concept, understanding their core difference can help you understand which may be the right choice for you.


When did it start?

The information regarding their foundation is not published on their website. However, in The Economic Times , HyperFund claimed to have started their program in mid- 2020.HyperFund is under the umbrella of the Hypertech Group which was founded by Ryan Xu in 2014.

What token does it use?

HyperFund states that it uses a decentralized stable coin called HDAO that powers the HyperDAO ecosystem.

How do you join?

To join, you purchase a Hyperfund membership contract for $300, $500,or $1000.The duration of each contract is 600 days, and you can purchase an unlimited number of contracts. Each contract gives you 0.5–1% of hyper unit (HU) rewards daily, and each contract is tripled on day 1. This totals 200 to 300% ROI paid in HU.

Once Your daily rewards equal 50 HU, you have a few options. You can leave it in HU and do nothing. You can convert the 50 HU to the MOF coin and withdraw that amount from the fund. Or you can rebuy a $50 membership contract and earn .5% each day for the next 600 days on that contract and stack your memberships.

How does the referral program work?

Less information exists when it comes to Hyperfund than DRIP Network. However it appears that a referral link is necessary to join the community initially. Once you have a referral link from a sponsor (who already is a member), you’ll be able to register for a free account. Next, you can deposit USDT (Tether) into your account and purchase your membership as described above. Finally, you’ll start receiving rewards the next day.

Referral commissions are also paid to affiliates that recruit new users.

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